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Huge Data Processing Applying Hadoop Cluster – Part 1

Introduction Massive data can be very difficult to analyze and Query and traditional mechanisms cannot be good tools for processing data. Cloud computing is one of the best solutions for processing huge data repositories. This is the first part of … Continue reading

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How To Scan Open TCP Ports of Multiple IPs Simultaneously Applying Java

This is a simple multi-threaded Java application which scan tcp ports of multiple machines Simultaneously. I applied Observer design pattern to notify user if a port on those machines is accessible or not.  Like the use of interfaces, the Observer … Continue reading

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Step By Step Installation of Wireshark on Mac OS X 10.6

This tutorial helps you to get starting Wireshark on Mac OS X 10.6. 1. Download Wireshark from 2. Mount the disk image. As you can see the utilities folder consists three following folders: ChmodBPF Command Line A shortcut ( alias … Continue reading

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The Possibility of Potential Security Hole in Chrome

I am not professional in JavaScript development. I’ve just wondered when I noticed that it would be possible to pop-up a hyperlink component in Yahoo mail and change the tab within Google Chrome and set the content of the pop-up … Continue reading

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SSH problem on Mac OS X 10.6.6

I used to connect using ssh to my remote server which placed over seas. In Ubuntu Linux It works like a charm. Today I noticed that I can’t connect to my OpenSSH service using Mac OS X while Ubuntu was … Continue reading

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Sending SOAP messages through HTTPS using SAAJ

Introduction This is just a step by step tutorial for calling services by sending SOAP messages through HTTPS. I had a project to call a network device using SOAP messages. I didn’t find a complete solution, so I developed it. … Continue reading

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Port Forwarding, The way I use SSH

“Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices.” Wikipedia. That is just an abstract definition. I use SSH to do much more. Here are just some … Continue reading

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Routing multiple domains to an application using URL rewrite filter in JSP contatiners and JEE application servers

My client has assigned two separated domain address to a certain IP address. My client was going to map two domain addresses to an application which hosted on JBoss 4.2.2.Each domain address should route requests to some certain pages of … Continue reading

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