Here I am.

Hexican is my outlet for documenting technical breakthroughs, challenges, andĀ resolving problems. I am a professional software engineer. I’ve started my journey in software development at the timeĀ Amiga 500 and C-64 were the most advanced personal/home computers. Yes I survived from the stone age and let share this secret, that computing has still it’s own challenges as it had in 1989. My major experiences are around software development skills and technologies such as application development, open-source integration, Linux scripting, configuration management and team co-ordination. I’ve became very interested in Big Data processing/Machine Learning since 2009 and I am continuing my professional life by implementing my ideas and providing consulting services.

Amir Sedighi,
Jan 2011.


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  1. Sarah Zarini says:

    Dear Amir,
    I’m sure this blog will lead you to the open gates of success, as you share your experience of years with others around the world, the world will also present you a variety of opportunities. Be happy and successfull .

    • admin says:

      This is your kindness. I am just writing here to share my experience. The gates of success are already open when a nice girl like you leaves a positive comment here.
      Thank you very much.

  2. Javid says:

    Dear amir
    I would like to appreciate you sharing your experience with newbies like me.
    This attributes is very valuable and priceless.
    Keep your hard work buddy

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