Becoming Student at 41

After college I went to start working for software development companies in Tehran. They almost were the best ones in their business. Originally my plan was to go back to grad school after a few years. Time flies when you are surrounded by cool workmates and learning awesome stuffs. After 14 years I realized I had to go back to school. I was feeling that I need to increase my classic knowledge in the area I was working on. It was Big-Data and Stream processing. While I was pretty experienced at that point and was getting paid very well, I needed to know more. I didn’t want to do night school or online learning. I wanted to find colleagues and having fun as well. I needed to sit on campus and catch everything a university has to offer. Friends and colleague know me as a very social one with a big passion for talking about technologies or everything else. I am really talkative. The best part of college is not just classes you take or research you do, there is so much more like finding friends, attending to seminars, joining to teams and learning the theories behind what you did many times before.

Sometime in 2013 I was working for HyperOffice. It was three years that I was working on HyperBase project. I was really good in my job. The company was paying me in USD, so everything was looking awesome. Right at that sweet moment, I decided to go to grad school. I knew that it won’t be easy to work and study together. Unfortunately the company became unsatisfied soon. I wanted to be a good student so couldn’t miss classes. The company wanted me to be dedicated to the project. There was no option to continue collaborating, so I quit my job. Actually they gave me a period of time to leave and I left much sooner.

The first sessions at campus, were enough to be sure that I am on my way. During past two years I’ve learned a lot. Attending in some awesome courses such as “Advanced Algorithms”, “Parallel Algorithms”, “System Modeling and Evaluation”, “Distributed Database Systems” and “Advanced Software Engineering” were what I really was looking for. I had seen algorithms before. It was 20 years that I was coding. But those were different. Applying probability to algorithms, parallelism concepts and core theories were really awesome. I soak up them all. Now I know much more than two years ago. I’ve got much more friends, each one highly professional in some fields. This was all about growing.

Now I am finalizing my thesis and becoming ready to defend it. I seriously suggest everyone to apply and go to grad school even after years of working. You will have lot of fun while learning. You will find sexy jobs much easier than ever right after graduation. This is a simple way to grow yourself and your network right in the best possible shape. Give it a try. 🙂

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