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Elasticsearch Daily Indexing On Old Fashion Spinning Disks

I believe that, if it takes long, something is wrong. Regarding this minimalistic approach I’ve resolved something for one of my clients recently. There was a single node with an Elasticsearch instance running on. I had to keep it as … Continue reading

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Manually Scaling Ubuntu Cluster Out

I am not sure. May be this is the fastest native way for adding new node to the clusters of Hadoop, Redis or Elasticsearch or this kind of stuffs. I’ve tested it within a few number of clusters hosted in … Continue reading

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Migrating From RDBMS to Document Store

A few months ago I joined a team as a Big-Data consultant. They had many issues with their log management system. The solution relied on an RDBMS centric architecture. They were facing a collection of issues such as run-time error, … Continue reading

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