Software is Capturing Us

Seems things in the Software Development business are really getting easy ever. Sometimes minor modifications make major improvements. Today Software Development contains a bunch of pretty interesting languages, frameworks and tools. Human had never ever a toy set like this. We are surrounded by many mature popular concepts. Everyone recognizes a good software while she cant explain it. People use apps many times a day. With a little ignorance we can say, software development is the most available joyful engineering activity all around the world. I remember the time I had to learn what an XML file is. It was something new and was going to change things. While now people are getting used to it without any effort. They just know by heart what markup languages are. Seems children learn software concepts beside learning the mother language. Last year when I was leaving my country I just brought a touch screen notebook for my mom. I wanted to prepare things for having Skype talks. Now she has got a number of accounts for emails, facebook, chats and twitter! Seems software is be coming a part of human race.

It was the open-source philosophy that opened the software knowledge gates. I think open-sourcing is the most humanized and modern sharing all around the world. It is not about sharing news or stories such as what Wikipedia or youtube does. It is about opening minds. Something like a cloud of developer’s brains. I think in the way of improvement, Machine Learning is a very important milestone we are passing right now. Now software applications are able to pretend that they are alive. They are becoming parts of us. Wearable technology is just a start point. Later, maybe drinkable technology!

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