A Simple Spring Boot REST Wrapper over Hadoop and Hive

Running REST services in the Java world as much easy as Linux commands, has became possible by Spring Boot. I am making a data warehouse based on hadoop, sqoop, hive, hbase and a number of other big-data giants. It supposed to be used by a data analyst who doesn’t know these kind of stuffs at all. So I just wrapped them all by making a Java application, based on Spring Boot. She would be able to call underlying methods just by calling it’s simple REST API or through a JavaScript front-end.

During making the app I had to resolve a few number of JAR/Versions conflicts. The following is a well working pom.xml:

Look at those exceptions.

The following is a simple controller which loads a table from HDFS into the Hive:

Load into HDFS...

So I just developed the following controllers and services so far:


This is pretty easy to wrap more methods by REST controllers whenever we need.
For running something like this, it is enough to give the terminal a command like this:

java -jar mint-0.1.0.jar

Providing these kind of Microservice architecture services, is highly scalable, manageable and maintainable. Spring Boot is really what makes a Java developer’s life comfortable.

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