My Data Life

Less than a month ago I just came back to Tehran. Before it I was working in Toronto for a couple of months. There was a terrible perfect winter. For a man from middle-east, the always changing weather of Toronto is something weird. Moreover I was getting far from what I was looking for. Happily I just started again to work on those things are more interesting to me. May be the this fantastic spring and good weather are boosting my good feelings about everything.

I am currently work on three different projects, all in the bigdata area.

One of them has been started 20 days ago. It is about capturing huge amount of incoming log records and processing them applying Apache Hadoop, HBase and simple pattern recognition tectonics. The company needs to provide very fast responses on demand. Two years ago I just suggested them to use a Hadoop based solutions. I remember I’ve provided them a demonstration. The technical lead was thinking they could still use RDBMS for those purposes and the made it perfectly. I was lucky their business is blasting and they’ve reached the limitations very soon.

The second project is mine. I am working on a very interesting sentiment analysis project which supposed to gather simple data of user’s daily life and recommend them regarding it’s knowledge base. I need to learn Android programming to make it’s interface. it is cool.

The third one is an interesting project as well. It is about replacing an underlying document management system storage with HDFS.

Seems my professional life just dedicated to the data matters.

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