Verbous Log Files

During past decades programmers almost tried to simplify complex situations by translating phenomenons into the mapped numeric or logical very abstracted models. For example in an HRMS for showing that an employee is not at her desk, we may used to set a FALSE for “isWorkingRightNow” variable. While in the real world it could be explained with different meanings something like the followings:

  • “She didn’t come so far.”
  • “She would be late.”
  • “Se is arriving”.
  • “She is having lunch right now.”

This is amazing that machine is now enabled to use the verbose statements, much better than the TRUE/FALSE flags. I think this is the time for us to generate more verbose log files either.

It could be better to use log files as much rich as possible now. While boolean flags and restricted cutting binary or numerical variables where a big trick for modeling the real world boundaries into the small computers with tiny CPUs… This is the time to use huge arsenal of clusters so just let machines talk as we do.

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