Spring XD and Big-Data

During the time I was working on a Big-Data processing task with Flume, Pig and Hadoop , I wondered why Spring didn’t start to make cohesive Big-Data tools. As a Spring fan, I prefer to use Spring for connecting software things. A few days ago, when I replied a tweet of Spring Source, just notified that they announced a new project called XD. From a java developer point of view, Spring XD makes data ingestion and piping much easier than ever. The stream definition and the way it uses Redis just remind me the Mule-ESB’s configurations and usages. Spring XD promises to let users create and run data-processing jobs such as MapReduce by the next release M2. I need to plug a few number of Mahout services to be fed by the Spring XD’s stream taps. I hope to make it the next few days while I would have the chance of using what M2 brings.

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