At the time Machines Learn

Most good stuffs in java world developed by the Apache Foundation. This gonna be some kind of rule. Working with their top level projects is like diving into a pool, full filled of attractive girls. You need to be focused but it would be difficult to stay calm when brilliant open-source projects are blinking around.
When you find one there to getting more closer, the target project inspires you and forms your imagination. You don’t know is the open-source project that making your idea or you are making something new based on.
I currently work on an idea of mine that I’ve got it during the time I was looking for a pattern recognition solution. I believe it could be something attractive for web-based business owners such as online-shops or blog hosts. I’ve chosen Apache Mahout project as main machine-learning framework and working to make it more easy to use. As the one who developed all back-end codes of HyperBase project during past 4 years, I prefer to use it as form generator and data entry platform while HyperBase won’t be a part of the final solution. I believe tiny simple well designed sexy wrappers make good things more desirable.

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