Software Projects Mistakes

Software projects mistakes almost can be categorized into the following list items. These could be extracted from a book or somewhere else. I really don’t know where it comes from. But whatever described is exactly the mistakes which I’ve seen during my professional life. Reviewing these items gives me a feeling of healing and simultaneously that is painful, just like a vaccine needle:

People Related Mistakes

  • Undermine motivation. (This is more a management mistake I think.)
  • Heroics.
  • Wishful thinking. (Dreamy projects.)
  • Adding people to a late project. (This means wasting resources to get a new one to the point which others have arrived before.)
  • Noisy, crowded offices. (Small dark messy rooms or any place without a window to a garden.)
  • Lack of user input. ( Or lack of real data.)
  • Customer-Developer friction. (Developers almost think that they know the real requirements better than the customer!)
  • Unrealistic expectations. (The sponsor thinks unreal almost!)

  • The Process Mistakes

  • Optimistic schedules. (This one can kill the project.)
  • Insufficient risk management.
  • Insufficient planning.
  • Inadequate design. (Happens frequently.)
  • Omitting necessary tasks for estimates.
  • Insufficiente management control.
  • Planning to catch-up later. (An often happening of software projects is this one.)
  • Code-like-hell programming.

  • Product/Technology Mistakes

  • Switching tools or technologies at the middle of the project.
  • Research-oriented development.
  • Silver-bullet syndrome.
  • Overestimated savings from new tools and methods.
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