IT and Middle East

I believe latest protests which has happened in Middle East countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen are just side effects of growing the number of information technology users of those countries. Accessing the Internet gets easy day by day. Translating services, Twitter, Facebook and search engines let users to dive into the most deepest holes of human knowledge which wasn’t possible to us till a decade ago. Now we can keep on track with the other side of this planet much faster than our back yard.

Middle East Changes
Middle East countries didn’t change much among the centuries. They keep their way of ruling. They almost earn money using mining mineral matters such as Oil. The statesmen almost are ancient kingdoms which try to hide the crown under something fancy such as republican approaches or parliaments. Actually, they follow their old fashioned ruling style to direct people’s ideologies using some tools such as patriotism, religions or superstitions. They feed people by some refined and specified ideas to keep them align. Naturally other subsets of knowledge maybe harmful to these systems. Deep and basic kind of knowledge are the most prevented categories in these countries. This is IT age and statesmen of Middle East countries try to get a hightech and modern style. So they have to open the gates of knowledge to people. These kingdoms filter internet contents by managing traffic and applying censorship. There is a war between censorship agents and internet users. Technology doesn’t stop for the will of local statesmen. Knowledge keeps leaking and It is not a kind of removable or destroyable matter. Meanwhile, IT just grows more even at the time they try to limit it. Nobody can prevent internet users of accessing online resources for a long time. In my country before 2009 most of people were unfamiliar to proxy systems such as TOR and VPN connections. However, in 2009 some governmental restrictions over Internet has been applied. Now most of internet users know how to pass filtering systems using cutting edge technologies or even cheap tricks. It seems IT opens a wide fire over ancient kingdoms of Middle East.

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  1. Reza says:

    Hi Amir,

    Interesting, definitely IT has its own effect, actually communications and information are playing major roles, The people now can more easily travel and see the other places. The Mashroote revolution was influenced by the changes in the west specially in the France(By the people who went there as tourist or student …).
    So now people can travel more easily, physically(By airplanes) or virtually by IT and modern communication facilities.
    So all are effecting, The nations look each other and they don’t want to stay behind.

    Let’s see when this movement remove all dictatorships regimes all over the region 🙂
    (Hopefully if they don’t replace it by new ones 🙂 )


    • admin says:

      Dear Reza, following the past revolution of our country which people fought for freedom and our current catastrophic status, I just remember a part of The Wall of Pink Floyd:
      “But it was only fantasy.
      The wall was too high,
      As you can see.
      No matter how he tried,
      He could not break free.
      And the worms ate into his brain.”

      it seems a long way still remains to get free…

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