MuleSoft’s Tcat, an Enterprise view to the Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is the most convenient and reliable tool that I’ve ever seen. Here are Tomcat’s power points that I’ve founded during my experiences:

-Tomcat works cross platforms. Just by copying from a machine to another one it serves applications. For example from a Linux to a Windows just a copy is enough.

-Tomcat is fast to deploy and easy to use. In most cases you just need to copy the WAR and forget about later configurations.

-Tomcat doesn’t need as much resources as others.

While Tomcat doesn’t claim to provide hosting services for the enterprise level of business we developers used to overused it.
It is long time that market is expecting such as plugin or solution that give Tomcat the capabilities which developer and administrators need.

Now MuleSoft made it. I just downloaded and try TCat server of Mulesoft. The amasing thing is that it remained a Tomcat. The major different is that they developed and deployed an application that is hosted within the TCat. It called “Console”. TCat’s console gives some missed features such as “Profile”. I used to have different Tomcats on my machine depends on the projects. I work on Tele-communication and monitoring solutions using SNMP, TR-069 and JMX. In In another team I just develop web-based business applications. So I have to separate Tomcats regarding to different natures of companies and purposes. Now TCat profiles solved this problem. Also TCat has provided a repository that helps you to keep and manage your WARs. TCat has an embedded JRE! Also it is possible to use your pre-installed JRE. Anyway this gives TCat more enterprise shape!
I prefer to use an enterprise Apache Tomcat rather an IBM Webspher. 🙂

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