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Port Forwarding, The way I use SSH

“Secure Shell or SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices.” Wikipedia. That is just an abstract definition. I use SSH to do much more. Here are just some … Continue reading

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MuleSoft’s Tcat, an Enterprise view to the Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is the most convenient and reliable tool that I’ve ever seen. Here are Tomcat’s power points that I’ve founded during my experiences: -Tomcat works cross platforms. Just by copying from a machine to another one it serves applications. … Continue reading

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When Tomcat looks different cross Linux flavors

Some days ago at the time I was working on different Linux flavors to setup a uniform solution, I have notified that there are many differences in Tomcat installed files and configuration even when you have same Tomcat version. The … Continue reading

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