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Using Clear Source Java Codes In A Groovy/Grails Application

The Groovy and Grails boosts the development process in many ways. The convention over configuration approach helps the developer to move on as fast as possible. Groovy and Grails talk in a much higher level language in compare to Java. … Continue reading

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Building A Blog Using 7 Simple Steps In Grails

Building a regular web application using Grails should be the minimalistic activity that any Java developer may involved in. Just follow below 7 steps to develop your first Grails blog. 1. To create an application using Grails we should run … Continue reading

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Grails Over Rails

After a few research around rapid application development tools and frameworks, I started to try Groovy and Grails. This just happened after a couple of weeks using of Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails has excited me when I knew … Continue reading

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Intstall "Ruby on Rails" on Ubuntu 9.04 and Dont Repeat Yourself Anymore

My new position during initiating days of the new Iranian’s year just started by a weird project that outsourced by an over seas company to an Iranian one. I have cooperated in some software projects with different technologies such as … Continue reading

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