Why I use Google Docs

Following extending an office automation, I worked on Apache Jackrabbit content repository some years ago. After it, I was looking for a free personal content repository to keep my documents, sample codes and commands over HTTP. Something just like a personal wiki, personal blog or a repository.
I preferred to use a free one that supported by the web giants such as Google and Yahoo. Finally, I have found it. My friends in Facebook suggested me to try Google Documents two weeks ago. Google Docs is exactly the tool I was looking for. Google means this is improving faster and wiser than others. Moreover, Google Documents is the most interesting tool that I found in the Google shelf. It works very fast; moreover, it is pretty much. Google Docs enables me to keep my valuable documents in a safety box on WWW. I shared some documents with the trusted friends of mine. Also, a friend and I are using Google Docs in an amazing way to keep synchronize together around an educational program. In addition, Google Docs, keeps all revisions on modifications. In fact, you can track the document growing life cycle. In my opinion every body should have his or her Google Documents account because of below reasons:

  • Your knowledge is always accessible.
  • You don’t need to care about hard disk failures and viruses attack any more.
  • You can edit your documents as well as possible just using a browser.
  • Google Docs is a repository so, all changes are traceable.
  • Google Docs Sharing mechanism works pretty secured.
  • I don’t care about currently 1024 MB capacity limitation. Google is growing always.
  • Good feeling of extending my memory using Google Docs features is another special kind of experience that I gain by using Google Documents. You will never loose it if you keep it by Google Documents.
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