OFBiz, The Apache Open for Business

I am writing this to introduce the next generation of web based business applications that I am developing. As you know I used to develop a small J2EE based application that I called it Easy Tracking. Easy Tracking consists inventory, orders and sales applications. Also it has some small features and a rich Ajax based multi-language client. This is more than 4 years that my customers use it as a rental software and data hosting service on my servers. I have gained a lot of valuable experience in this kind of business service providing among the years.
Now, different requests of individual customers makes me interested to use an open source professional business solution. During last months I reviewed a vast of ERP solutions and finely I have decided to use OFBiz. OFBiz is an Apache product; moreover, I reviewed its architecture and technologies and found them all matured and practical. Actually OFBiz is an open source framework to help developers in creating high quality business solutions. Development and customization both are available using straight forward procedures. However, OFBiz needs a mass of modification and development to be adapted with most of Iranian business companies requirements. In addition, it doesn’t have a Farsi face yet.
After a while I will need a patient rich customer to let me implement his business requirements by the solution and a holding software company who needs to have a localized, reliable and ready to use product.

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  1. OmidP says:

    Have you found a patient rich customer 😀 as you mentioned Ofbiz requires massive changes for Iran localization and due to its high technology and design it is really complicated but I’m ntersted if you’ve started to get this job done.

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