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Parsing Huge Text Files Using Java and JSapar

Last week a friend of mine and I decided to parse a huge size text file that consists some reports of legacy devices. After few times trying we notified that, opening and parsing the huge text files in Java is … Continue reading

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OFBiz, The Apache Open for Business

I am writing this to introduce the next generation of web based business applications that I am developing. As you know I used to develop a small J2EE based application that I called it Easy Tracking. Easy Tracking consists inventory, … Continue reading

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Distributed Application Debugging Tips

Every distributed application works based on a collaborative environment that consists services and method calls. Moreover, in a distributed environment almost services are hosted on different platforms and separated machines. Distribution makes some difficulties in the debugging of this kind … Continue reading

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Routing multiple domains to an application using URL rewrite filter in JSP contatiners and JEE application servers

My client has assigned two separated domain address to a certain IP address. My client was going to map two domain addresses to an application which hosted on JBoss 4.2.2.Each domain address should route requests to some certain pages of … Continue reading

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Why I use Google Docs

Following extending an office automation, I worked on Apache Jackrabbit content repository some years ago. After it, I was looking for a free personal content repository to keep my documents, sample codes and commands over HTTP. Something just like a … Continue reading

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Good points for putting breaks across Mule ESB classes

This is the second year that I work as a J2EE developer during development of a modern J2EE based core banking project. The architecture uses Spring and Mule ESB as its major components widely. Mule ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) allows … Continue reading

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